Green Reign™ “Starter” G1025

G10252 Earth Juice Green Reign Starter 2lbN3.00% – P4.00% – K3.00%

Professionally formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all types and varieties of plant starts.

Green Reign™-10 Customized Granular Blends of All Natural Ingredients with a Mycorrhizae, Beneficial Microbes & Humic Acid crafted to make gardening fun and simple ..and to keep plants thriving naturally.

For use as soil pre-mixes, broadcast fertilizers & all the blends can be use to make Plant Teas. General use rates: 1-2 Tbsp per gallon or 1-2 Cups per Cubic Foot of Soil. For indoor/outdoor plants. Planting mixes, coco-coir and native soils. Available sizes: 2lb, 5lb, 15lb, 40lb.

All Green Reign™ blends also contain the following NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: Mycorrhizal Fungi: Pisolithus tinctorius, Scleroderma citrinum, Scleroderma cepa, Rhizopogon luteolus, Rhizopogon fulvigleba, Rhizopogon villosulus, Rhizopogon amylopogon, Glomus intradices, Glomus aggregatum, Glomus etunicatum. Beneficial Microbes: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium, Azotobacter vinelandii, Rhizobium japonicum, Bacillus coagulans, Azotobacter chroococcum, Azospirillum lipoferum, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Bacillus laterosprorus. Humic Acid from langbenite.


Product Code UPC# Description Unit Size Ea Per Case Weight Per Case
G10252 727644-10252-4 Green Reign Starter 2 lb 16 34 lb
G10253 727644-10253-1 Green Reign Starter 5 lb 9 47 lb
G10254 727644-10254-8 Green Reign Starter 15 lb 2 32 lb
G10258 727644-10258-6 Green Reign Starter 40 lb 1 42 lb