Earth Juice® Verde Fire™ Grow J0395

J03953 Earth Juice Verde Fire Grow 2lb

N4.00% – P7.00% – K2.00%

Verde Fire Grow and Bloom are the “Only” Natural-Organic “Solution Grade” dry-powder plant nutrients available. Mixed with water they make an excellent liquid feed plant food for a variety of indoor/outdoor plants. Verde Fire Grow and Bloom may also be applied in their dry forms as a broadcast fertilizers to the surface of soils or blended directly into soils. For use with planting mixes, coco-coir, and native soils. Indoor/outdoor plants. Hand-feeding, drip systems and sprayers. Available sizes: 0.75lb, 2lb, 5lb, 20lb.

Verde Fire Grow is recommended for foliage plants and the vegetative stage of flowering and fruiting plants.

Use Verde Fire Bloom to aid in the development of flowers, vegetables and fruit as well as to promote the output of essential oils and fragrances of flowers and herbs. Apply at the first sign of budding and through flowering and fruiting.

Important mixing instructions: Verde Fire can be difficult to mix with water. For best results we recommend to use Earth Juice Assist. To make the mixing process even  easier, use a  hand or electric  mixer. For large applications: Add the desired quantity of Verde Fire to a lesser volume of water.  Mix until all the material is completely dispersed. Add the finished quantity of water and mix. Agitate during applications.

Makes the “Best”Plant Teas. See Plant Tea recipes under SUPPORT MATERIALS.

Product Code UPC# Description Unit Size Ea Per Case Weight Per Case
J03952 727644-038519 Verde Fire Grow 0.75 lb 12 11 lb
J03953 727644-039526 Verde Fire Grow 2 lb 16 34 lb
J03955 727644-038571 Verde Fire Grow 5 lb 9 47 lb
J03959 727644-039554 Verde Fire Grow 20 lb 2 42 lb
J03959 727644-039554 Verde Fire Grow 20 lb 60 1240 lb