Earth Juice® SeaBlast™ Transition H3512

H35122 Earth Juice SeaBlast Transition 2lb

N8.00% – P32.00% – K14.00%

Water-Soluble Plant Food with seaweed, fossilized guano, steamed bone meal and micronutrients.

SeaBlast™ is a line of “Highly Concentrated” water-soluble plant foods in three formulations that will meet the nutrient requirements for even the most aggressive plants through all phases of plant life.

SeaBlast Transition™ is an “Exclusive” water-soluble plant food formulated to promote stem and leaf growth while supporting the development of buds and blooms and the production of essential oils, resins and fragrances. Recommended to start using 2-3 weeks prior to budding. Continue using for 2 to 3 weeks into flowering. For use with planting mixes, coir and native soils. Indoor/outdoor plants. Hand-feeding, drip systems and sprayers. Available sizes: 9.6oz, 2lb, 5lb, 20lb, 40lb.

Product Code UPC# Description Unit Size Ea Per Case Weight Per Case
H35121 727644-351212 SeaBlast Transition 0.65 lb 12 8 lb
H35122 727644-351229 SeaBlast Transition 2 lb 16 34 lb
H35123 727644-351236 SeaBlast Transition 5 lb 9 47 lb
H35124 727644-351243 SeaBlast Transition 20 lb 2 42 lb
H35128 727644-351281 SeaBlast Transition 40 lb 1 42 lb