Earth Juice® SeaBlast™ Grow H3508

H35082 Earth Juice Seablast Grow 2lb

N17.00% – P8.00% – K17.00%

Water-Soluble Plant Food with seaweed, fossilized guano, steamed bone meal and micronutrients.

SeaBlast™ is a line of “Highly Concentrated” water-soluble plant foods in three formulations that will meet the nutrient requirements for even the most aggressive plants through all phases of plant life.

SeaBlast Grow™ is a water-soluble vegetative plant food that when used will promote the development of sturdy stems and lush leaf growth. For use with planting mixes, coir and native soils. Indoor/outdoor plants. Hand-feeding, drip systems and sprayers. Available sizes: 9.6oz, 2lb, 5lb, 20lb, 40lb.

Product Code UPC# Description Unit Size Ea Per Case Weight Per Case
H35081 727644-350819 SeaBlast Grow 0.65lb 12 8 lb
H35082 727644-350826 SeaBlast Grow 2 lb 16 34 lb
H35083 727644-350833 SeaBlast Grow 5 lb 9 47 lb
H35084 727644-350840 SeaBlast Grow 20 lb 2 42 lb
H35088 727644-350888 SeaBlast Grow 40 lb 1 42 lb