Earth Juice® Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom Hawaiian Blend™J5033

J50372 Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom2lb

N2.00% – P14.00% – K3.00% -Ca12.00%

“Specifically Blended for Hawaii”

A powerful blend of natural-organic ingredients designed for today’s demanding “High Performance Gardening”.

Using Rainbow Mix PRO™Bloom “Hawaiian Blend” will promote abundant yields while helping to increase an luxuriant output of essential oils and fragrances of flowers and herbs. Blend into soils, use as a broadcast fertilizer, or use as a plant tea. Indoor/Outdoor Plants. Potting mixes and native soils. Available sizes: 2lb, 5lb, 20lb. By special request: 40lb bags and 2000lbs (weights may vary) bulk bags are available.

Available only in Hawaii & the South Pacific.

Product Code UPC# Description Unit Size Ea Per Case Weight Per Case
J50332 727644-50335-2 Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom Hawaii 2 lb 16 37 lb
J50335 727644-50332-1 Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom Hawaii 5 lb 9 49 lb
J50336 727644-50336-9 Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom Hawaii 20 lb 2 44 lb