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Earth Juice® Amazon Bloom™ F242

A Natural Horticultural Planting Mix for Foliage and Flowering Plants.

Designed “Specifically” for flowering and fruiting plants it’s also a Superb Choice for those looking for an exceptional planting mix for their prized foliage plants. Compare by growing side by side with any other planting mix on the market and you will see for yourself what makes Amazon Bloom a “Truly Remarkable”, “One-Of-A-Kind”! Planting mix. Enjoy the luxury of successful gardening, use Amazon Bloom. Indoor/Outdoor plants. Hand-feeding and Drip-Systems. Available size: 1.5 cf.

Note: Amazon Bloom was the result of researching the Amazon's mysterious "Terra Petra; "Terra Petra"

Amazon Bloom Bio-Plant-Tea Recipe:

1. Tap water.

2. Amazon Bloom: 1/2 cup per gallon. Place in a fine nylon bag or just add and stir. Materials will float.

3. Earth Juice Catalyst: 2 Tbsp per gallon.

4. Aerate the solution for 12-24 hours.

5. Filter and store cold (refrigerate). Best to use within 2-4 weeks.

Use as a component to a complete plant maintenance -fertilization program






Product Code UPC# Description Unit Size Ea Per Case Weight Per Case
F24270 727644-188016 Amazon Bloom 1.5 cf 50 1800 lb


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